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Ruby - Manik 6.91 Rati

Code: RM691

16,584.00/- 13,820.00

Ruby, also known as Manik, is a precious gemstone associated with the planet Sun in Vedic astrology. It is believed to provide numerous benefits to the wearer, including enhancing their self-confidence, improving their leadership qualities, increasing their vitality, and promoting creativity and wisdom.

Benefits :

According to astrological beliefs, Ruby Gemstone is recommended for individuals who have a weak or malefic Sun in their birth chart. Wearing Ruby is also believed to be beneficial for individuals who are looking to boost their career prospects, gain recognition, and succeed in competitive fields.

How to Wear:

It is suggested that Ruby should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand on a Sunday during the sunrise hour. The weight of the gemstone depends on factors such as age, body weight, and the strength of the Sun in the individual's birth chart. It is recommended to consult a qualified astrologer before wearing Ruby to ensure that it is suitable for the individual's horoscope.

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