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Sphatik Cut Mala

Code: SCM01

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Sphatik or Clear Quartz is a powerful healing crystal and is used in various healing practices. In astrology, wearing a Sphatik mala is believed to bring in positive energy, clarity of thoughts, and calmness of mind. It is said to enhance the positive effects of other gemstones and planetary energies.

Sphatik is associated with the Crown Chakra, which is believed to be the highest energy center in the body. Wearing a Sphatik mala is believed to balance and activate the Crown Chakra, which can lead to spiritual growth, higher consciousness, and a deeper connection with the divine.

Who Should wear it:

Anyone can wear a Sphatik mala, but it is especially recommended for those who want to enhance their spiritual growth and experience more clarity and calmness in their daily lives. It is also believed to be helpful for those who are suffering from mental stress, anxiety, and depression.


The benefits of wearing a Sphatik mala include increased focus, concentration, and mental clarity. It is also said to promote emotional stability, calmness, and peace of mind. Additionally, Sphatik is believed to have the ability to amplify positive energies and dispel negative energies, making it a powerful tool for healing and protection.

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