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Griha Pravesh Puja

Code: GPP01

6,120/- INR 5,100/-

Griha Pravesh Puja is performed before moving into a new house. This puja eliminates the ill effects and dosh from the house. It also increases the flow of positive energy. Performing Griha Pravesh also bestows the dwellers of the home with peace and prosperity and in turn protects the home from any natural calamities.
Griha Pravesh must be performed on the following occasions:


  • Purchase of a new home.
  • After the renovation of an old home gets completed.
  • Before moving to a Rental home.


In order to execute Griha Pravesh, one must perform Dwar puja, boil milk, perform Gauri-Ganesh, Kalash, Navgraha, and Vastu pujas, as well as many havans such as the Ganesh havan, Navagraha, Vastu, and Varun havans. it enhances the flow of positive energy inside the household and safeguards it from bad energy and evil eyes. It grants the residents of the house prosperity, harmony, and luck. gives off heavenly vibrations and a beautiful aura, which purifies and spiritualizes the home's surroundings and environment. Any challenges and difficulties a person may face in life are overcome and removed by this pooja. Vastu Shanti Puja and Graha Shanti Puja make sure that the nine planets and the Vastu Purush are worshipped to prevent unfavourable events from occuring to the house and its occupants.


Plan the Griha Pravesh puja date according to the house owners' Rashi and Nakshatra at Ramkalp, and on an auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurat or any Good Muhurat date.vastu